First off Happy New Years everyone! So there has been some changes so if you have Fashion Wardrobe LM at a different location it can always be found in my profile always. Also I would like to welcome back to the team Pinkyrosey Fang we solved our issues and I’m thankful she is back and working with Fashion Wardrobe again. We have some new faces to welcome to the event as well. Lots of new things happening lots of gifts and there is also mini hunt. Just feel free to come on down to grab up all the candy canes at the event. Also some of the designers have placed out free gifts as well. We will be doing something new every round to switch up the scene of our event because somethings just need a different look from time to time. Anyways I will get to the photos now. HAPPY 2015 to you all and please if you are a blogger and would like to blog our event please grab the application from the top of the blog and just simply fill it out and send it back to either Keiraa Dinzeo or Pinkrosey Fang leave a comment below if you have any suggestion for us we love hearing feedback! Take care everyone.

Much ❤

Keiraa & Pinky


Elcano _ Chained Horns AD Elcano _ Loose Top SL AD Elcano _ NoseRing001 AD Elcano _ Winter Coat and Mits AD sl

.__WoW Skins__. Lolita Head appliers make ups .__WoW Skins__. Melissa l'Anguisette _Ana_ Shape L'Anguisette _Autumn_ New revised MINT! Caroline Jumpsuit MINT! Mina! MINT! ROma MINT! Stacy pink MINT! Stephania sugarbabes taurus nose ring pic sugarbabez afrodite pic sugarbabez bunny fae rings pic sugarbabez diva heels pic sugarbabez gothi pic sugarbabez music is in my soul tube top pic sugarbabez sexy kitten heels pic sugarbabez trappedsoul rings pic sugarbabez twilight watch pic The Cross Hooded Cardigan Purple The Cross Hooded Cardigan Red yaffablue yaffapurple yaffared zagrosblack zagrosblue zagrosnude zagrospurple zagrosred zagroswhite

..elation.. Men's Mesh Jeans - Raven Black ..elation.. Mesh Leather Jacket - Barred Bia Shrug Ad - Red Face Dotty Ad - Fat Pack 2 Lona Lingerie Ad Plaid Bear Hoodie Ad - Purple Tyler Jean Ad



New Round!

Hey readers, Fashion Wardrobe took a minor break, but we are back. We changed up somethings for all of our shoppers. We went to monthly giving our shoppers more time to grab the awesome things from our event. We have also asked our designers to give 1 gift each round just to show you a glimpse of there work. So please take a moment and come check out our new location and all the new and old faces we have over here at Fashion Wardrobe.

Keiraa Dinzeo

M&M Incorporated - Alejandra Heels ADPlated Mask AD Raven Pants AD US Bustier ADElfieHug greenstocking mgacha redstocking snowball snowmanfun wgachasantaslilhelpersWalk Up Pink Walk Up Turquoise

[dirty.little.secret] __ Holiday Chiminea Red Ad [dirty.little.secret] __ Holiday Club Chair White Red Ad [dirty.little.secret] __ Holiday Comfy Sofa Red Ad [dirty.little.secret] __ Holiday Cozy Bench [dirty.little.secret] __ Holiday Daybed Ad [dirty.little.secret] __ Holiday Hanging Shelves Ad [dirty.little.secret] __ Holiday Ottoman Full White Ad [dirty.little.secret] __ Holiday Ottoman Half White Ad [dirty.little.secret] __ Holiday Signpost Ad[dirty.little.secret] __ Holiday Triple Hearth Ad [dirty.little.secret] __ Holiday Sleigh Bed Ad

[Skinnish]Basic Survival Outfit Final_S_ Smoking Outfit Picture_S_ Spring 2015 Dress PictureXmas Black DressXmas Blue DressXmas Green DressXmas Pink Dress  Bare Essence Gown-Pic Black Passion Silk - PicSlave Collaring Silk-PicJust alittle Leg Black Gown-PicEmbrace Me Gown - PiccholePicHolidaylovepicwinterkittypicKeepcalmPicmandypicKaTink - Veronica Set 1LC_Belinda_MESHGOWNFATPACKUNIQ PHAZE CHRISTMAS PIXI OUTFIT GIRLS FINAL

There are more designers they just didnt pass me there ad’s on time for the blog post.

Please STOP BY before these items are gone!


Hey guys a new round of fashion wardrobe has started come on down and check out the event room as well as the sim lots of new stores and lots of discounted items this round. Look forward to see you all.

Here are the items enjoy!

Much ❤

Keiraa Dizneo



__ FineRain Creations.__ Skull Sandals __ FineRain creations.__Arris  Top & jeans __ FineRain creations.__Top & Short __M.O.D.A.N.M.E.S.H.__ Chain Top And Skirt __M.O.D.A.N.M.E.S.H.__ Sleeveless Shirt And Capri __M.O.D.A.N.M.E.S.H__  Top And Capri Pant Blouse Black Tiger Blouse Black Blouse Flowers Blouse Heart Blouse Red Dog Blouse UK Ellie black Ellie brown Ellie pink Ellie red Opium black Opium gold Opium pink Opium redKM Mask of Flowers

DelaRosa High Heels Haze Purple DelaRosa High Heels Midnight Black Gothic Lace Dress Anthracite V2 Gothic Lace Dress Purple V2 My favourite Game Black My favourite Game PurpleM&M Body Shapes Vest TopBaby Doll goggles1 Baby Doll Legs Jewels1 Baby Doll rings1 baby doll1 born this way1 double trouble pants1 double trouble top (Pink)1 Forever Young1 Rock it red Rock it white add-onShine black-blue bracelet1 Shine black-pink bracelet1 Shine white-purple bracelet1 Shine white-red bracelet1Care1casual1fighter Sneaker1good boy1graphic Sneaker1hunter1Kick Boots1Metal1Military Cargo1old school Sneaker1picosones1rebellion1show off1Stylish1BlondeQueen__SeleneShape__ BlondeQueen__SeleneShape__1 BlondeQueen__SeleneShape__2 G&D Courtney Blu flat slink G&D Courtney Blue flat slink G&D Courtney Choco flat slink G&D Courtney Cream flat slink G&D Courtney Grey flat slink G&D Courtney Pink flat slink G&D Courtney Red flat slink G&D Courtney Violet flat slink G&D Courtney White flat slink wanted[K]- lace tattoo [K]- Love meTattoo [K]- pittbull tattoo unisex [K]- Quick time TattooDiva Jezebel Mesh Hair Poster Final Diva Summer Heat outfit and slink shoes poster v2 hadarapink idehpink jackyred kadijapinkTammie_BlackEyelet&Dots_PIC Tammie_BlackEyelet&Floral_PIC Tammie_CountryFloral_PIC Tammie_PlumeriaFloral_PIC

New Roun Is Here!

Hey lovelies, A new round is about to start and here is what this round has to offer this round! I hope you all pay the event room a visit as well as the gacha event that will be coming to an end soon. Also look and visit the mall as well as the mainstores. Lots to come check it out here Fashion Wardrobe.


Fashion Wardrobe

Heavenly Shape AD Lovire Kei Shape AD (No Whore Couture Print) Lovire Yesenia Shape ADAwear-death-comes-to-us-all-tattoo Awear-safe-with-you-tattoo Awear-steampunk-cogs-&-Gears-tattoo

Alexis black Alexis camel Alexis red Alexis white Entropy black Entropy whiteAsHmOoT_Beauty Coll_Lipstick GlosS_ Line #01_Poster AsHmOoT_SS Coll_Outfit 17 Dungarees with Top Black Vintage Dungarees with Top Brown Vintage Dungarees with Top Dark Denim Vintage Dungarees with Top Denim Vintage Dungarees with Top Vintage Grunge Outfit Malemadelyn ad -bad apple designs 75LDD Shades of Blue Lovers Living Room Set_001AColors of Spring (blue) Colors of Spring (lavender) Colors of Spring (multiple, gold) Colors of Spring (multiple, silver) Colors of Spring (pink)blood corset charcoal baby Eve Corset Pants poolside red thangblack as night British Love AD TM eberepink fabiolapink gabrielared jazzitude_Billie_ Black&Olive jazzitude_Billie_ Black&Purple jazzitude_Billie_ Black&Red KM Black Widow KM Vintage Fairy Gacha Ad KM Wolf Temple Original Fade LIME - Soft Bustier and Skirt Ad_ToXiC_H_ Bangerz Bust Blue Diamonds With Appliers _ToXiC_H_ Bangerz Bust Silver Chain With Appliers _ToXiC_H_ Bangerz Bust Sparky Pink With Appliers _ToXiC_H_ Elvira Dress Animal Princess With Texture Changer _ToXiC_H_ Elvira Dress Retro With Texture Changer _ToXiC_H_ Elvira Dress White Wedding With Texture Changer _ToXiC_H_ Wedge Slink Shoes - Slink Mid Feet - Leopard _ToXiC_H_ Wedge Slink Shoes - Slink Mid Feet - Pastel _ToXiC_H_ Wedge Slink Shoes - Slink Mid Feet - Zebra Darks[K]- lace tattoo [K]- sunshine special edition

New Round Is Here!!

Hey all you awesome people. So there is a lot going on over at the Fashion Wardrobe Mall & Events. Starting the 28th of July we are kicking off a new round of Fashion Wardrobe. The the following couple days down the line we will be start the Gimme Gimme Gacha Event it starts Aug 1st. Also on Aug 1st the start of the Side Walk Sale begins lots of big things happening. Also have tons of rental spots left if you wanna be part of the SIM. Anyways, A new round of Fashion Wardrobe items for you all to see. I hope to hear from you guys soon enjoy the items listed below.

Much ❤

Keiraa Dinzeo


Fashion Wardrobe

Fashion Wardrobe Event logo

M&M Incorporated - Dana ADJosephine dress black Josephine dress camel Josephine dress red Josephine dress rose Josephine dress silver Josephine dress turquoiseChibi Rainbow Socks 1 Chibi Rainbow Socks 3 DelaRosa High Heels Midnight Black DelaRosa High Heels Snow White Floral Lace Evening Gown Aquamarin Floral Lace Evening Gown Pink Gothic Lace Dress Anthracite V2brown paisley poet model camel fringe model combat barbie model groovy summer model nairobi sundress model pink cotton june model Shanti Brady Folk Dress MESH v1.2 sierra sundress model{FP}Dancewithme{FP}Talk to the hand_._VALENTI_._ DENIM BANDANA SET - AD I G&D Madame Butterfly Blue & Blu G&D Madame Butterfly Cream & Toffee G&D Madame Butterfly Orange & Red JD Judi White White JD Raina Wedge White

Blossom-Halter-HUD1 TuxedoTank-AD-set1 wrapped-BLK-HUD1-ad wrapped-Wht-HUD1-ad

synsational shortie ad - billie jean -todCollar Jacket Camo Hooded Dress Chess Hooded Dress Red & GoldDaniela Mesh Hair Poster Diva Saucy Summer Dress in Cappuccino Poster



Hey everyone, I hope your day is going pretty good. A new round has started over at Fashion Wardrobe. Also wanna touch base with you all a new event will be kicking off Aug 1st Gimme Gimme Gacha if you are a designer or even a blogger and would like more info please contact Keiraa Dinzeo for more information about all event and rentals. Anyways, I will shut up and get on with the items for this round we have had more people join this round, and with that being said here are the items enjoy and come on down and shop!
Much ❤
Keiraa Dinzeo


Fashion Wardrobe

Fashion Wardrobe Event logoM&M Incorporated - Jada Heels ADReboot - Fresh Eyes AD Reboot - Kasie Pumps AD__M.O.D.A.N.M.E.S.H.__ Long Dress __M.O.D.A.N.M.E.S.H.__ Loose Dress __M.O.D.A.N.M.E.S.H.__ SKirt And Cardigal __M.O.D.A.N.M.E.S.H__ Braided Wedge Sandal Black __M.O.D.A.N.M.E.S.H__ Braided Wedge Sandal Red __M.O.D.A.N.M.E.S.H__ Braided Wedge Sandal Yellow Color-Camo-Pants-ADColor-Camo-Pants-AD Dance-Line-AD Electric-City-Hotpants-AD Motlten-Metal-JeansADG&D Minidress Lena Blu v2 G&D Minidress Lena Brown v2 G&D Minidress Lena Red v2 G&D Minidress Lena Violet v2Kittenz and the Glitz Blog Kittenz and the Glitz Blue Kittenz and the Glitz Gold Kittenz and the Glitz Green Kittenz and the Glitz Pink Kittenz and the Glitz Purple Kittenz and the Glitz Red Kittenz and the Glitz Silver_ToXiC_H Dixon Mini Dirty Slave WithOut Belt Color Changing Hud _ToXiC_H_ Dixon Mini Dirty Slave With Belt Color Changing Hud _ToXiC_H_ Lilly Blouse - Dress Kat Girl  Color Changing Hud _ToXiC_H_ Lilly Blouse - Dress Pretty Girl Color Changing Hud _ToXiC_H_ Lilly Blouse - Dress Wild Girl Color Changing Hud _ToXiC_H_ Minaj Pants Colors Color Changing Hud _ToXiC_H_ Minaj Pants Dark Color Changing Hud ToXiCH Dixon Mini Naughty Slave WithOut Belt Color Changing HudJD Candy Girl BluJD Candy Girl GreenJD Candy Girl WhiteJD Candy Girl YellowJD ILLY PinkAsHmOoT_Dolls Coll_Dolly Dress #04_Poster KaTink - Bianca Set 1 KaTink - Mindy Set 1 MNC DAWN mesh skirt MNC DAWN mesh top MNC ROSALIN mesh skirt MNC ROSALIN mesh top MNC TIERRA mesh skirt MNC TIERRA mesh top Polkadot Bikini w_HUD 10 Desing Polka-Dot Summer DressGrunge Dress 8 Grunge Dress Chess 2 Grunge Shirt Black Mad Grunge Shirt Blue Free Leather Dress Green Leather Dress Sepia Rock Piercing On Mouth Wings of Darkness Necklace SilverSnapshot_006


Hey everyone! A new round of Fashion Wardrobe has started. So check out the items below and see if it something you wanna come down and buy. Prices as low as 50L$-150L$ very affordable and there is lots of awesome items to come out and grab so grab yours why you can! Items are listed below ENJOY ❤

Much ❤

Keiraa Dinzeo

Fashion Wardrobe

Fashion Wardrobe Event logo

M&M Incorporated - Leti Shoe AD

Lindsay black

Lindsay blue

Lindsay brown

Lindsay pink

Lindsay red

Opera pochette

! BD ! Bandana Tops -Rainbow-

! BD ! Boy Shorts [USA]

! BD ! Crop Hoodie -Black-

! BD ! Dark Horse

! BD ! Kaylee Skirt -Purple-

! BD ! Leela Bikini -Turquoise-

! BD ! Plaid Mini Skirt -White-

! BD ! Silk Chemise Duo Set ~Black~

! BD ! Tiffany Dress [Red]

__M.O.D.A.N.M.E.S.H__ Feather Jewelry Set

__M.O.D.A.N.M.E.S.H__ Jewelry Set stars

__M.O.D.A.N.M.E.S.H__ Jumpsuit

__M.O.D.A.N.M.E.S.H__bikini short & Top combine

jewelry set son venrod

new top

Acceptable in the 80's


Animalia Heels Tiger for SLINK High Feet

Flower Girl Sale

Gothic Lace Dress Blood V2

My Scene Flip Flops Gold

The Fallen




MNC MELISSA BLACK mesh top 600

MNC MELISSA BLUE mesh top 600

MNC MELISSA PINK mesh top 600

MNC MELISSA RED mesh top 600







MNC SARA JEANS BLACK mesh skirt 450x650

MNC SARA JEANS GREY mesh skirt 450x650

_ToXiC_H_ B Queen Dress Blue Flowers

_ToXiC_H_ Bubble Dress Blue Pokie

_ToXiC_H_ Dixon Mini Naughty Slave With Belt

_ToXiC_H_ Hollywood Black

_ToXiC_H_ Lilly Blouse - Dress Connect The Dotz

_ToXiC_H_ Lilly Blouse - Dress Gifted

_ToXiC_H_ Minaj Pants Rhinestones

_ToXiC_H_ Spike Lee Tank Colors

_ToXiC_H_ Spike Lee Tank Darks

At Home white


Bea red

Olivia white

School Girl

Soine black

[LG] Boutique-[ SUMMER14] Good Times Bagged 1

[LG] Boutique-[ SUMMER14] One Way Ticket Bagged 1

[LG] Boutique-[ SUMMER14] River's Invitation Bagged 1

Alexandrite Blooms

Amethyst Blooms

Garnet Blooms

Pink Sapphire Blooms

Sapphire Blooms

Topaz Blooms


M-NUS - Long Jeans