New Round Is Here!!

Hey all you awesome people. So there is a lot going on over at the Fashion Wardrobe Mall & Events. Starting the 28th of July we are kicking off a new round of Fashion Wardrobe. The the following couple days down the line we will be start the Gimme Gimme Gacha Event it starts Aug 1st. Also on Aug 1st the start of the Side Walk Sale begins lots of big things happening. Also have tons of rental spots left if you wanna be part of the SIM. Anyways, A new round of Fashion Wardrobe items for you all to see. I hope to hear from you guys soon enjoy the items listed below.

Much ❤

Keiraa Dinzeo


Fashion Wardrobe

Fashion Wardrobe Event logo

M&M Incorporated - Dana ADJosephine dress black Josephine dress camel Josephine dress red Josephine dress rose Josephine dress silver Josephine dress turquoiseChibi Rainbow Socks 1 Chibi Rainbow Socks 3 DelaRosa High Heels Midnight Black DelaRosa High Heels Snow White Floral Lace Evening Gown Aquamarin Floral Lace Evening Gown Pink Gothic Lace Dress Anthracite V2brown paisley poet model camel fringe model combat barbie model groovy summer model nairobi sundress model pink cotton june model Shanti Brady Folk Dress MESH v1.2 sierra sundress model{FP}Dancewithme{FP}Talk to the hand_._VALENTI_._ DENIM BANDANA SET - AD I G&D Madame Butterfly Blue & Blu G&D Madame Butterfly Cream & Toffee G&D Madame Butterfly Orange & Red JD Judi White White JD Raina Wedge White

Blossom-Halter-HUD1 TuxedoTank-AD-set1 wrapped-BLK-HUD1-ad wrapped-Wht-HUD1-ad

synsational shortie ad - billie jean -todCollar Jacket Camo Hooded Dress Chess Hooded Dress Red & GoldDaniela Mesh Hair Poster Diva Saucy Summer Dress in Cappuccino Poster



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