New Round!

Hey readers, Fashion Wardrobe took a minor break, but we are back. We changed up somethings for all of our shoppers. We went to monthly giving our shoppers more time to grab the awesome things from our event. We have also asked our designers to give 1 gift each round just to show you a glimpse of there work. So please take a moment and come check out our new location and all the new and old faces we have over here at Fashion Wardrobe.

Keiraa Dinzeo

M&M Incorporated - Alejandra Heels ADPlated Mask AD Raven Pants AD US Bustier ADElfieHug greenstocking mgacha redstocking snowball snowmanfun wgachasantaslilhelpersWalk Up Pink Walk Up Turquoise

[dirty.little.secret] __ Holiday Chiminea Red Ad [dirty.little.secret] __ Holiday Club Chair White Red Ad [dirty.little.secret] __ Holiday Comfy Sofa Red Ad [dirty.little.secret] __ Holiday Cozy Bench [dirty.little.secret] __ Holiday Daybed Ad [dirty.little.secret] __ Holiday Hanging Shelves Ad [dirty.little.secret] __ Holiday Ottoman Full White Ad [dirty.little.secret] __ Holiday Ottoman Half White Ad [dirty.little.secret] __ Holiday Signpost Ad[dirty.little.secret] __ Holiday Triple Hearth Ad [dirty.little.secret] __ Holiday Sleigh Bed Ad

[Skinnish]Basic Survival Outfit Final_S_ Smoking Outfit Picture_S_ Spring 2015 Dress PictureXmas Black DressXmas Blue DressXmas Green DressXmas Pink Dress  Bare Essence Gown-Pic Black Passion Silk - PicSlave Collaring Silk-PicJust alittle Leg Black Gown-PicEmbrace Me Gown - PiccholePicHolidaylovepicwinterkittypicKeepcalmPicmandypicKaTink - Veronica Set 1LC_Belinda_MESHGOWNFATPACKUNIQ PHAZE CHRISTMAS PIXI OUTFIT GIRLS FINAL

There are more designers they just didnt pass me there ad’s on time for the blog post.

Please STOP BY before these items are gone!


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