First off Happy New Years everyone! So there has been some changes so if you have Fashion Wardrobe LM at a different location it can always be found in my profile always. Also I would like to welcome back to the team Pinkyrosey Fang we solved our issues and I’m thankful she is back and working with Fashion Wardrobe again. We have some new faces to welcome to the event as well. Lots of new things happening lots of gifts and there is also mini hunt. Just feel free to come on down to grab up all the candy canes at the event. Also some of the designers have placed out free gifts as well. We will be doing something new every round to switch up the scene of our event because somethings just need a different look from time to time. Anyways I will get to the photos now. HAPPY 2015 to you all and please if you are a blogger and would like to blog our event please grab the application from the top of the blog and just simply fill it out and send it back to either Keiraa Dinzeo or Pinkrosey Fang leave a comment below if you have any suggestion for us we love hearing feedback! Take care everyone.

Much ❤

Keiraa & Pinky


Elcano _ Chained Horns AD Elcano _ Loose Top SL AD Elcano _ NoseRing001 AD Elcano _ Winter Coat and Mits AD sl

.__WoW Skins__. Lolita Head appliers make ups .__WoW Skins__. Melissa l'Anguisette _Ana_ Shape L'Anguisette _Autumn_ New revised MINT! Caroline Jumpsuit MINT! Mina! MINT! ROma MINT! Stacy pink MINT! Stephania sugarbabes taurus nose ring pic sugarbabez afrodite pic sugarbabez bunny fae rings pic sugarbabez diva heels pic sugarbabez gothi pic sugarbabez music is in my soul tube top pic sugarbabez sexy kitten heels pic sugarbabez trappedsoul rings pic sugarbabez twilight watch pic The Cross Hooded Cardigan Purple The Cross Hooded Cardigan Red yaffablue yaffapurple yaffared zagrosblack zagrosblue zagrosnude zagrospurple zagrosred zagroswhite

..elation.. Men's Mesh Jeans - Raven Black ..elation.. Mesh Leather Jacket - Barred Bia Shrug Ad - Red Face Dotty Ad - Fat Pack 2 Lona Lingerie Ad Plaid Bear Hoodie Ad - Purple Tyler Jean Ad



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